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If you want automation between online applications, there is no better way to automate but Online Application Integration.  With, you can allow access to the API of each of your own online applications and develop your own “triggers” and “resulting actions” between any two on their list of hundreds of applications.


Check this video out.   It gives a very simple overview of their application or service.


Pretty cool huh!   Today every advantage you can gain over your competition is worth considering.   Internally we use “ZAP’s” as they are called to integrate Freshbooks triggers to conversations, etc.


A more in depth tutorial if you would like more information.



Check out the list of applications that Zapier can integrate with automatic triggers and resulting action without you needing to hand-hold during the process!


We have been very happy using ZAPS! at McFarland Engineering. Give Zapier a try. Like they say, “Zapier makes you happier!”

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