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McFarland Engineering Blog


This is Sean McFarland. I will be the primary author of this blog.


I have always wanted an opportunity to share what I have learned in my years working in the sign industry. While an engineer myself, I still love to write. Providing to our clients a value added service such as an educational, informative blog is what we strive for, in writing this blog. Providing to non-clients a chance to know what we are about and what we do best, is another goal of the blog.


This blog will focus on the following key components:

    1. Sign Engineering – Making engineering concepts approachable and understandable in clear, easy to understand explanations. We would like to enhance your ability to make good decisions based on these articles.


    1. Sign Installation – Often installations don’t go as planned. This category of blog post will highlight installation issues of which we want you to be aware. Many of these issues will be based on our experience in designing over 30,000 signs over the years, and the many installation snafu’s we have been hired to unravel.


    1. Sign Manufacturing – Tips and tricks for you to consider when deciding how to manufacture signs. Some obvious, many probably not.


    1. General Business – A range of business topics of interest to me including: Internet sites we utilize in our work, tools we can’t help share and other web applications will highlight this category.


    1. Sign Design – Graphic design, architectural design and other topics related to sign design.


    1. “Signs 101” – “Wild card” category, so to speak. This will give us a chance to cover areas of the sign industry not covered by the topics already outlined.


Check back. Bookmark the blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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